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needs more organ donors

British Columbians received more organ transplants in 2010 than ever before, but there are more people than ever waiting for organs and the number of willing donors remains stagnant.

BC Transplant performed 295 transplants last year, breaking the record of 266 transplants performed in 2008.

"This is a great achievement for British Columbia. Transplants depend on organ donation and the availability of organs for transplant and I would like to acknowledge the living donors and families of deceased donors who made the difficult decision to donate Testoviron Y Deca Durabolin organs Winstrol Veterinary that saved the lives of thousands of people across the province," said Colin Hansen, Minister of Health Services.

"I encourage everyone to learn more about registering to become an organ donor through BC Transplant's Organ Donor Registry," he added.

While no individual statistics were available for transplants in Fort St. John, Cathy Peters, a longtime surgical nurse at the local hospital, said that the majority of procedures performed in Fort St. John are to replace corneas. There have been instances in the past where major organs like kidneys or livers have been transplanted locally, however, Peters said that surgeons prefer sending those cases further south.

Besides improving the overall number of transplants, BC Transplant also increased high demand procedures like kidney, liver and lung transplants.

The organization broke its previous records, performing 189 kidney transplants, up from 172 set in 2007, 53 liver transplants, up from 47 in 2008 and 10 double lung transplants, an increase from six in 2008.

Despite the good news, Canada still has one of the worst organ donor rates in the industrialized world with approximately 14.5 donors per million people. That lags behind 20 per million in the United States, and 31 per million in Spain which leads the "Oxandrolone Powder India" world in organ donation. set new records in 2010, the list of people Comprar Levitra waiting for transplants continued to grow. With more people living longer and more medical treatments extending life, fewer people are dying which reduces the pool of available organs.

Organ shortages, combined with increased organ failure across the country is costing the national healthcare system dearly.

British Columbians wait longer than any other Canadians averaging 2,145 days compared to the national average of 1,258 days. In Nova Scotia candidates for organ transplant wait just 765 days.

Province wide there are currently 350 patients awaiting "Jintropin China Supplier" transplants, 25 of whom live in the northern health region. Northern residents are less likely to donate organs than the rest of the province and more likely to need them. residents have signed up to become organ donors that figure sits down around 15 per cent in the North. On the other hand northerners are almost 10 per cent more "4 Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Side Effects" likely to be awaiting a new organ than British Columbians living elsewhere.

According to a recent poll by Canadian Blood Services, Canadians' low organ donation rates don't reflect public unwillingness.

The poll showed that 95 per cent of Canadians support organ and tissue donation. Half of the respondents said they planned to donate their organs when they "Ansomone 100iu" die and 42 per cent said they were undecided. Only seven per cent of people said they'd made the decision not to donate.

The debate on how to translate Canadians' support for organ donation into increased donorship has generated significant debate.

One proposed solution is to change legislation which would require people who don't want to donate their organs to put their names on a registry rather than the other way around.

However only 54 per cent of Canadians said they would favour a system of presumed consent, while 45 per cent said they were strongly opposed.

Deceased donor's loved ones find that organ donation helps them grieve.

"It was an honour to carry out what I knew my husband wanted that from his tragedy, he would enable someone else to continue and embrace the beauty of life," said Bonnie, the wife of a donor.

"Bill always wanted to Turinabol Clearance Time help people lead a fuller life. He achieved this with his last selfless act of organ donation. For this we are truly grateful."

The gratitude is mutual for those who receive transplants.

Greg Keulen received a double lung transplant in 2010. "Words like 'amazing,' 'life changing' or 'humbling' can't begin to describe what my transplant has done for me, and the depth of gratitude I have to my donor and their family," said Keulen.



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